Finally, Deeper Transformative Healing from Trauma

Introducing Virtual EMDR, where deep transformative healing from Trauma is finally possible.

Introducing Virtual EMDR, where deep transformative healing from Trauma is finally possible.

Unlike traditional therapy which does not go deep enough, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) therapy goes deep to the core, to your subconscious mind where trauma is buried. Experience profound and lasting relief as you finally release long-held emotional pain.

Best of all, with Virtual EMDR, the #1 Online EMDR Program - you can now experience this deep healing from anywhere, at any time, at a fraction of the cost of other therapies!

Feel yourself break free from the painful grip of Trauma - and embrace your future filled with peace, joy, love, and self-discovery. You deserve this.

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Therapy that Goes to the Root of Trauma

Maybe you’ve heard about this strange-sounding “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” (EMDR) from your doctor, counsellor, therapist, or a friend…

Maybe you’ve read reviews about EMDR online, where people raved about its amazing effectiveness…

Maybe you’ve tried traditional therapies and other healing modalities, but found they didn’t go deep enough to produce the lasting transformative change you seek…

If you thought you’ll be broken forever... If you feel powerless to escape from the flashbacks and trauma... If you believed you'd never feel normal or joy or peace again... let EMDR try.

What Makes EMDR Different?

What sets EMDR apart is how it goes straight to the core of Trauma, where traditional therapies fails to reach.

EMDR reaches deep into your subsconscious mind - where your most traumatic memories are buried, and your most painful emotions are suppressed.

By utilizing bilateral stimulation techniques, EMDR empowers you to access these deep, untouched areas, bringing these "stuck" memories to the surface to be reprocessed safely.

Finally, you can confront the Root Cause of your pain, not just addressing the symptoms as with other therapies and medication.

Welcome to deep, profound, long-lasting relief, as you've never experienced before.

Welcome to EMDR.

After experiencing the trauma of my husband’s death, it was like my brain was glitching out, like a computer with a virus, that stopped it from processing normally. I couldn’t sleep, my life was in a weird hold pattern. This went on for four years.

After 3 sessions of Virtual EMDR, I slept all night – the first time since his death. I remember I even dreamed!

Patricia S

Virtual EMDR client


Deep Transformative Healing

With Lasting Results

After a horrific workplace accident, I thought I’d never be whole again. I believed my Anxiety and PTSD never be gone. With Virtual EMDR, I am more calm, more focused. My panic attacks that were happening 5-10 times a day, now come around once every couple months.

Jerid B

El Paso, TX

I had tried regular talk therapy, but it never got deep enough to achieve the transformation I desired. Virtual EMDR helped me reach this kernel in my mind, in my emotions that had been unreachable before - and dissolved it. I now feel less tense, less fraught. Thank you for this blessing.

David S.


I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD from my abusive childhood. I was suicidal. I'd wake up screaming. I could not walk down the street. I was skeptical of EMDR, but after just 5 sessions, it’s like I’m fusing together after being shattered. The healing and re-connection to myself is incredible!

Ros W

London, UK


Let EMDR Heal Your Pain from:



Childhood Trauma



PTSD & Trauma

PTSD & Trauma


Phobia & Fears



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Now, EMDR Whenever You Need It

Now, you can access the transformative power of EMDR at your fingertips – whenever you need it!

Virtual EMDR takes the same proven science-backed EMDR protocols used by therapists, and makes it available to you in a convenient online format.

Here is why Virtual EMDR is the #1 online, self-guided EMDR program recommended by thousands of satisfied clients:

  • Available when you need it
    Relief from emotional pain is just one click away, anytime night or weekend, from your computer. No appointments required.
  • Less than the cost of 1 therapy session
    Get all the EMDR sessions you need to feel better, without worry about cost. Unlimited sessions from just US$ 49 a month.
  • Easy to use, yet effective
    Simple, intuitive and easy to use, even if you've never done EMDR before! Best of all, you feel results immediately, with no side effects.
  • Empower yourself
    Take full control over your healing, and work on your issues only when you’re ready. No need to rely on others, no hiding, no pressure.
  • Safe and Private
    Heal wherever you feel safest, private, and comfortable to bring up those memories. No self-consciousness, no judgment, no restrictions.

Ready to start healing?

Simply set up your account, and log in to start your FREE 3-DAY TRIAL.

No special equipment or download required.

Try Virtual EMDR free for 3 days.

If you don’t feel less emotional distress wthin 3 days, simply cancel – and pay nothing.

I thought, What do I have to lose? Here in New York City, going to a therapist costs $350 an hour. There was no way I could afford that on a long term basis. Virtual EMDR costs a tiny fraction of that. It's sustainable - plus there’s a free 3-day trial!

I'm so glad I tried Virtual EMDR. In my 1st session, on my computer, at home, my Anxiety went from 9 - to 3 (out of 10)! I could function normally again, at work and at home.

Roberto E

Registered Nurse, New York


"Nothing to Lose – But Your Pain"

Curious if Virtual EMDR will work for you? Now, you can try it 100% free for 3 full days.

Yes, access the full Virtual EMDR self-guided program, not a scaled-down version. Do as many sessions as you like, as long as you like, with no obligation. If you don’t notice an immediate difference, simply cancel – and pay nothing.

If you’d like to continue using Virtual EMDR, get Unlimited EMDR Sessions from just US$ 49 a month – far less than one session with an EMDR therapist!

As Roberto says: You have nothing to lose – except your pain.

Just by following this little moving dot on the screen, as if playing a computer game, and following the simple instructions, I was healing – without even knowing it!

Right away, I felt an immediate sense of relief. My emotional distress noticeably lessened. And after more sessions, I felt grounded, I could handle my triggers with more stability and ease.

Melissa J

Toronto, Canada


"I was Healing – even without Knowing it!"

Can you really heal from a lifetime of Trauma – without knowing it? Yes, with Virtual EMDR!

Powerful yet simple, Virtual EMDR allows anyone to access the healing power of EMDR. Just follow simple step-by-step instructions, then launch the Eye Movement Tool to re-process traumatic memories and re-program new positive empowering beliefs.

During the session, you may experience a range of emotions, from relief and clarity, to moments of discomfort as you confront deep-rooted trauma. That’s why, it helps to do Virtual EMDR in the safety and privacy of your home, where you feel unconstrained to cry, laugh, grieve, and talk to yourself.

Healing is a process which takes months, even years. Allow yourself the time and space to work on issues only when you feel ready for them. Take a break between sessions, and during sessions if you start to feel overwhelmed.

With each session, you’ll start to experience profound shifts in your emotional state, paving the way for healing and personal growth.

It's not easy. In fact, it's terrifying.

I had to process and bring back the trauma imposed upon me as a child. There were memories I had suppressed for so long, and buried so deep, that I couldn't even recall them. With each Virtual EMDR session, I could open up my feelings to finally let go.

It was terrifying - but it was worth it, absolutely worth it!

MaryAnn T

US Air Force Veteran and satisfied Virtual EMDR client


"An Immediate Sense of Calm"

Everyone’s experience with EMDR is different. Some describe feeling tingly, lighter, fresher. Others experience a heightened awareness of their surroundings.

Many notice an immediate sense of calm and peace, even relaxation. The emotional burdens that once weighed heavily on your shoulders begin to dissipate, replaced by feelings of calmness and inner peace.

There is newfound clarity of thought and a sense of empowerment, provided by the positive and empowering insights you’ve re-programmed to replace old, worn-out, negative beliefs.

Triggers lose their power and flashbacks lessen in intensity and frequency, as you gain greater control over your emotions.

Even after my first session, I felt an immediate sense of calm.

The day after, I noticed I wasn’t being triggered as much. I could now "act", instead of "react" as I used to. I was able to just let go of the thoughts.

Even when I had to deal with my ex-husband, something which would normally trigger me, I felt in control. No panic, no anger. Just calm.

Donna G

Satisfied Virtual EMDR client


9 in 10 Clients Feel a Noticeable Difference After A Session

Clients self-report their Emotional Distress on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most distressing) before and after each Virtual EMDR session.

Here's what the data from 10,000 Virtual EMDR sessions show:

  • 9 in 10 clients feel a Noticeable Improvement (difference of 1 point or greater in their Emotional Distress rating) after their session
  • 6 in 10 clients feel a Significant Improvement (difference of 3 points or greater)!

Some clients even report going from Emotional Distress of 8 or 9 down to 1, in ONE session!

Try Virtual EMDR free for 3 days.

If you don’t feel less emotional distress wthin 3 days, simply cancel – and pay nothing.

In just one session, my Pain when I thought of my late son went from 8 (out of to 10) – to a 1! Before this, I believed the pain would always be with me. I felt fearful, tense and full of grief.

But after using Virtual EMDR, I felt a sense of enlightenment. I now believe he is okay. I can let go of the past. I can sleep, I feel peace.

Michelle B

Satisfied Virtual EMDR client


Ready to Start Your Free EMDR Trial?

Are you ready to let go of your past?

Are you ready to free yourself from the fear, negative beliefs, stuck memories?

Are you ready to manifest the future you want - and deserve?

Let Virtual EMDR gently guide you, step-by-step, through your healing process with EMDR.

Developed by EMDR practitioners, Virtual EMDR is the #1 Online Self-Guided EMDR Program trusted and recommended by thousands of clients, whose lives have been positively changed.

Peek Inside Virtual EMDR:

  • Simple and Easy to use, even if you've never done EMDR before!
  • Unlimited Sessions, as long as you need
  • Custom Protocols for Trauma, PTSD, Grief, Anxiety, Depression and more
  • Videos and Case Studies to guide you
  • Access Anytime, as soon as your trauma symptoms strike
  • Experience Emotional Relief - even after just 1 session!

Try Virtual EMDR free for 3 days.

If you don’t feel calmer, lighter, clearer, and reconnected to yourself, simply cancel – and pay nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EMDR scientifically tested?

EMDR is one of the most well-researched mental health treatments, with hundreds of peer-reviewed studies conducted.

The research consistently demonstrates that EMDR is More effective, Faster-acting and Longer-lasting than other forms of treatment, including pills, drugs, talk therapy and holistic treatment:

    * 7 in 10 studies of randomized controlled trials reported EMDR to be more rapid and more effective than trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    * Over 80% of PTSD patients suffering from single-incident trauma no longer had symptoms after only 3 EMDR sessions. Similarly, 77% of combat veterans were free of PTSD after just 12 sessions
    * 50% of Depression patients treated with EMDR experienced full remission after just 4 to 12 sessions, compared to 25% of those who received other treatment

Today, EMDR is recommended and recognized by many international health authorities, including World Health Organization (WHO), US Veterans Affairs (VA), Dept of Defense, UK Dept of Health.

Why is EMDR so effective?

Unlike traditional treatments which address only the symptoms, EMDR direct attacks the root cause of your emotional pain, eliminating the problem at its source.

When traumatic events happen, your brain can't process the memories normally. These unprocessed thoughts become associated with pain, anger, fear and emotional distress.

Unfortunately, as long as the emotional association is not broken, you will continue to experience the same distress over and over.

EMDR guides you step-by-step in accessing and processing these memories, breaking once and for all the chains of pain.

Can beginners use Virtual EMDR?

Definitely! Virtual EMDR was designed for people with no prior experience of EMDR. The program is intuitive, easy-to-follow and comes with full instructional videos and examples.

If you need help getting started, Virtual EMDR offers affordable coaching sessions.

Is EMDR safe to do on my own?

Yes, over 10,000 people have used Virtual EMDR on their own successfully.

Despite what some therapists claim, the fact remains that thousands of people have successfully done EMDR on their own. Virtual EMDR delivers thousands of sessions every month.

Benefits of a self-guided program include:

    * Taking total control over YOUR healing journey,
    * Deciding which issues you want to work on only when you are ready,
    * Setting the pace and frequency of your sessions,
    * Being able to focus 100% on your issues, without hiding behind false walls,
    * Building self-esteem that you did it yourself.

Yes, You Can Live Free From Pain

Even if you have tried everything else, and nothing worked, just give Virtual EMDR a try. You CAN live free from the flashbacks, memories, triggers, and anxiety plaguing you.

Let yourself live the life you want, filled with joy, hope, peace, self-love. You deserve it.